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Why chose Assentoft Aqua?

When choosing Assentoft Aqua:

Assentoft Aqua sees itself as a player on your – the project owner’s – team, working with a strong focus on designing, drawing, and building a fish farming facility which will produce the volume of fish it was planned for.

Assentoft Aqua design and supply all its land-based RAS fish farming facilities with a keen focus on: Fast Growth & Safe Production. Innovative Solutions to Save Cost. Sustainability & Fish Welfare.

At Assentoft Aqua we follow the RAS industry closely and is in regular contact with all significant suppliers to the land-based RAS industry. From suppliers of eggs for input on current/future genetics, to the suppliers of the myriad of components going into a RAS facility.

With its effective self-cleaning properties, the patented Moving Bed Bio-Reactor (MBBR) supplied by Assentoft Aqua, offers the industry’s most dependable and stable biological treatment technology for recirculation aquaculture.

At Assentoft Aqua we appreciate the opportunity to be involved in the early planning stages of a project. In close cooperation with the owner, we create an early focus on what parts of the project is most effectively handled by Assentoft Aqua, and what parts of the project it will be more practical and cost effective to be handled by the project owner.

Assentoft Aqua background:

Assentoft Aqua was established in 2018 with three key employees from the former Inter Aqua Advance (IAA) – the worldwide renowned RAS supplier established in 1978, and the first company in the world to take up development and supply of RAS.

The team at Assentoft Aqua has more than 25 years of experience with the MBBR technology, and the technology has since 1993 been successfully applied in full-scale installations supplied for highly intensive recirculation aquaculture systems.

The team at Assentoft Aqua has been involved in the development of RAS systems since the very beginning of the industry, and can offer unique and patented solutions within water treatment technology, fish handling processes, and supply both small- and large scale fish farming facilities.

Assentoft Aqua as a company is based on long tradition of project development and construction, as a part of the Assentoft Silo family

In Assentoft Aqua we are a strong group of innovative professionals

We are passionate about creating functional fish farms – we have a proud and responsible approach to our work.
Together we strive to developed the world’s best and most sustainable fish farms.

A RAS system supplied by Assentoft Aqua is characterized by:

A High level of production security and produces the quantity of fish it is planned and designed for.
Having a low footprint – saving space, buildings, pipes and being easily shipped for fast installation.
Applies new and innovative solutions for optimized production and operational efficiency. Has the best available water treatment within the industry